Musical Activities

Polyphonic Choir
Aurora Choir


Polyphonic Choir “City of Bastia”

The Association was born in 1985, as Polyphonic Choir City of Bastia, with the aim of spreading the study, practice and knowledge of choral music in all its expressions, from Gregorian chant to contemporary music and to constitute a cultural reference point for its territory.

Children’s choir “Aurora”

The AURORA CHOIR is currently made up of 43 choristers divided into two groups according to age and experience: Little Singers and White Voices. It was born in 2006, as part of the Polyphonic Choir of the City of Bastia, with the aim of bringing children closer to the wonders of choral singing.


Established in 1950. Current President Rodolfo Segatori, director Giuseppe Cecchetti.


Service that pursues the objective of introducing musical culture also in the education of young people starting from early childhood through modern preparatory techniques. Realization of instrument courses for amateur and professional purposes, solfeggio, propaedeutic and ensemble music; lyric and modern singing courses. Organization of stages and musical workshops. Organization and promotion of initiatives and musical events also in conjunction with the cultural and social associations of the area. Promotion of meetings, conferences and concerts also in collaboration with public and private bodies.

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