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Project carried out with the co-financing fund for the tourism offer e
POR - FESR 2014-2020 - Action 8.7.1

Municipality of Bastia Umbra

Mayor: Paola Lungarotti

Culture, Tourism, Sport, European and Extra-European funds

Project carried out in collaboration and with the contribution of the UMBRIA REGION

Tourism Department

Organization, layout and contents: Carlo Bizzarri

Unpublished photos: Carlo Bizzarri, Enrico Regni

Historical photos: Proloco of Bastia Umbra

Historical Section edited by: Teresa Morettoni and Carlo Bizzarri


Logo design: Luca D’Aria

Mascot graphic design: Francesca Ciuferri

Sign language: Anios;  Rossana Calzolari, Paola Palombi

Web Master & Web Design: Methodo Web Agency

Thanks for the kind cooperation:

Parish priests who are holders of parishes

Benedictine nuns of the Monastery of S. Anna

Franciscan Sisters of Santa Filippa Mareri


Palio organization



Proloco of Bastia Umbra

Proloco of Costano

Hospital of Ospedalicchio

All the Associations of the Bastia Umbra area

Sofà Events and Communication

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