ISA is a world leader in the furniture sector for public businesses and professional refrigeration.
ISA products are characterized by high technology and exclusive design, thanks also to the collaboration of internationally renowned designers.
ISA allows its customers to choose the products that best suit their space and their tastes: bars, grills, restaurants, supermarkets, pastry shops, ice cream parlors and pubs.


Manini Prefabbricati is a national leader in the production of prefabricated systems, structures and components for construction. With the most modern criteria and technologically advanced systems, the four production sites (Bastia, Perugia, Aprilia, Lodi) respond promptly and effectively to market demands. Technological innovation is the fundamental strategic tool for the commercial success of the company: this has often allowed Manini Prefabbricati to anticipate and influence the evolutionary trends of the market.


Tobacco production and trade


Petrini-Spigadoro is an Italian food and livestock company, specialized in the production of pasta, founded in Bastia Umbra (PG) in 1822 by the Petrini family, Bastioli entrepreneurs.


Gruppo Grigi, leader in the animal husbandry and animal feed sector for over 50 years, now covers the entire supply chain starting from the selection of the seed to the product intended for the consumer. Thanks to the experience, passion and solidity of the Grigi family, the Group now has 4 brands of animal feed, pet food and organic feed, the agricultural and wine division, up to the Food Italiae certified food chain.


We passionately manufacture a wide range of quality systems for weighing, bagging and palletizing of bulk solid products. Machinery and complete lines tailored for the international packaging market, technologically superior to the standard, reliable and resistant over time.


Founded in 1850 in Mirandola in Italy, Dondi has become a leading company in the sectors in which it operates and a global reference point for companies active in agriculture. Born with wooden plows, over the course of 170 years it has significantly expanded the range of products both in the agricultural sector and in road maintenance.

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