Saint Veronica at Butine

Saint Veronica at Butine

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The Church of Saint Veronica at Butine, attached to a private house, is located at the end of the street of the same name.
The small church, dedicated toSaint Veronica Giuliani(1660-1727), religious and mystic, abbess of the Order of the Capuchin Poor Clares, who was canonised in 1839 by Pope Gregory XVI, is incorporated in a private house, which in the 19th century belonged to the Mattei family, now owned by the Salari family. The church, probably built in the second half of the 19th century, is also attested by historian Antonio Cristofani in his Storia della Bastia Umbra (1872), who reports that an autographed letter of the saint was preserved inside.
In the church, which has a rectangular plan covered by a barrel vault, are preserved, of particular historical and artistic interest:
  • on the back wall, in the centre, altarpiece with Mystical Communion of Saint Veronica Giuliani (second half of the 19th century), oil on canvas, of Umbrian area.
  • to the left of the altar, Statue of the Virgin Mary (18th century), made of wood, papier-mâché and painted plaster, from the Umbrian area: the work is a valuable processional manikin statue in which only the face, hands, feet and part of the legs are treated realistically, while the body structure consists of a wooden armour, dressed in a white robe, multi-layered gowns and a splendid white mantilla (lace cloak) covering it from head to foot
  • to the right of the altar:
– Madonna and Child Jesus (20th century) the work is a copy inspired by the famous painting of the Madonna dei Granduca (1504 – 1506), a panel by Raphael Sanzio, kept in the Pitti Palace; – Statuette of St Veronica Giuliani (20th century), in painted plaster of Umbrian area.

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